When you want to do anything but write…

I’ve always been someone who works in fits-and-starts. In bursts, sprints. I can be pretty all-or-nothing, and this comes with its downsides.

Now and then, I benefit from structure. It was down to the structure and imposed discipline of Nanowrimo last year that I finally completed a novel draft. It was good for me to have this, and force be to get 50,000 words out (which I managed - just about).

Lately, though, I’ve had other things going on in my life. After giving freelancing a go, I’ve decided to look for a job again. That comes with it’s own challenges and energy. I’m also looking to move out and get my own place pretty soon, which is exciting. So, I’m thinking about that.

Rather than work on my novel draft (I’ve passed the 1/3 edit mark), I’ve been leaning more into my journalling. Whilst working through a transition (job search) and thoughts/feelings coming up in general (well, more than usual anyway), I prefer to journal and write poetry to work through my emotions.

So, I’ve been doing just that.

I also recently went away on my 1st ever lads’ trip(!) to Mykonos, which was a really welcome trip. I wrote a little about it on my INF blog, with Part II to come. It really helped ground me and gain an appreciation for fresh air, beautiful water, sandy beaches and great music. It was also a great bonding experience with the guys I went with, who all happen to be family.

In other words, there’s not been an awful lot of editing going on, and this 1st novel is mine is the ‘big project’ I have in mind to complete this year. I’m pretty sure I’ll get there, but I’m giving myself permission to go with my energy and not rush to get it out of the door (I’m always in a rush, for some reason, I’m trying to do less of that). And, by extension, I’m also giving you permission to do the same. Do something else creative. Spending time with your friends and family. Take a holiday. Or a short weekend break. Go to the cinema, or the theatre. Put on some good music and rave around your room for a while. Get some more sleep. Watch something new on Netflix. Here’s to just chilling out and being, rather than beating ourselves up for not writing and working towards our projects & goals.

Confession: I’ve never been much of a goal-setter, anyway ;)



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