The best thing I ever read about building an online business

It was 2015. I was feeling pretty exhausted and unfulfilled doing what I was doing in my day-job.

This can't be 'it', can it?

Truth be told, I didn't know what 'it' was. I knew pretty early on into my recruitment job that that wasn't it. Truth is, I didn't feel like I had much of a choice.

I'd dropped out of university, twice, and needed some semblance of stability. I couldn't jump around forever.

The real-world really wasn't living up to my expectations. Being an adult didn't feel so fun.

And then...

Somehow, I stumbled across this whole new world of blogging and making money online.

Folks who also, like me, wanted something more. They were creative, not fitting into boxes, and also not feeling right sat in an office all day.

They had managed to start their own thing, often as a side-hustle or side-project, started making an income from it, and the rest was history.

One of the earliest such blogs I came across was Live Your Legend.

And, through that, I came across Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and Corbett Barr, who ran an online business called ThinkTraffic before that became Fizzle.

Chris Guillebeau was another such name. He has this website about online business and travel-hacking and other stuff.

I did *a lot* of reading about this stuff. About career change, escaping the corporate world, and building an online business.

I did *a lot* of reading before I was brave enough to take the plunge, and get started.

I got started a few times, before my own introvert blogs soon fizzled out.

Right now, I'm on my 4th blog for introverts (possibly even 5th, I've lost count!).

This time, in 2019, 4 years on from when I first started reading about this stuff, I feel like I'm on a mission.

I've done some soul-searching, I've tried out a bunch of stuff, and writing is the path that feels right.

I've done enough reading, and observing, I've watched as others have built and grown their blogs, who have started making money, whilst I've either fumbled along, or just remained frozen, paralysed, not moving forward at all.

To give myself credit, I've made some pretty brave leaps. I've had the courage to take action, in my own slow and measured way, and me today is very different to the me of 4 years ago.

I am also grateful for some of the great communities I have been a pleasure to be a part of, or involved with, in some way.

That includes the one at Corbett's afore-mentioned Fizzle.

And it's Corbett's guide that was one of the first - and has to be the best - I've read. I've re-read it several times.

It's a master-piece.

If you want to know how to make money from your writing, whether it's a blog about sailing, or one in which you are sharing your fiction, this is a *must-read* -> 18 Months, 2 Blogs, 6 Figures

It will show you exactly what is possible, and what you need to do to get there. These are the principles needed for any online blog or business to succeed, include an indie author business, or that of any artist/creative.

It is POSSIBLE. You can be sat, anywhere in the world, and be making an income - a living even - from your blog, or your writing.

I have lost count when it comes to how many folks I've seen who run a blog, or online business, that they are making money from. Whether it's a blog, or a podcast, or courses.

See also: Fizzle share the different ways in which you can make money from an online business, here -> 10 Business Archetypes

(Which one of these 'types' do you most relate to? For me, it's The Artist).

It is not easy. Both in terms of the effort it takes, and also in the actual doing and the consistency of it.

I've been working on all of this. On believing in myself, and in terms of the self-doubt, the mindset, the perfectionist in me. It's not been an easy battle, and it's one that is ongoing.

But I am on a mission here.

That's really important to hammer home, and you might not quite believe that this reality is possible for you yet, because it feels far off, unattainable even.

It isn't my reality just yet, but slowly my belief in what's possible, and what I am capable of, has grown.

Just know this, it is more than possible to make money as a writer, as an author, online.

That's exactly why I'm on this journey.

And if you're here, I thank you for joining me. Let’s do this together.


PS. Here’s the guide again. Read it, and then re-read it. Seriously, these are the foundational principles to know about if you are building your own indie-author business, or online business/blog of any kind.

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