Can I make money as an independent author?

I figured that was a good question to start this off with, to try and capture the essence of how I've gotten to this point and why, exactly, I decided to start this blog and document my journey to being an independent author making £ from his work.

4 years ago, I was blissfully unaware that any of this was possible.

I was waking up early, falling asleep on the train into work, and then doing a day of recruitment - before making that same 75minute commute back the other way.

I was exhausted and unfulfilled. This was not me.

Ironically, around the time I left this job to study a Masters and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I started writing. Processing my thoughts and feelings at that time, much of which revolved around work. This was one of the first pieces I wrote, almost 4 years to the day -> My story so far.

I read a lot of blogs and books, and consumed many podcasts. I was seeking inspiration from folks who, like me, had quit the 9-to-5 and found a more fulfilling lifestyle. I read about bloggers making a full-time income from blogs and online businesses.

People like Scott Dinsmore and Corbett Barr.

Around this time I came across Joanna Penn, who makes her living as a blogger and author who writes fiction and non-fiction, and helps other writers do the same and make money from their writing.

There's even an Alliance of Independent Authors

I think it was Joanna Penn who first helped me realised that this was even possible. I'd come across several folks running blogs, and it became even more powerful where I started TALKING to these people, both online (e.g. on Fizzle, where I am still a member today) and in real life, for the first time at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.

I became aware of a whole new world of possibility.

It felt far-off at first but, the more people I came across doing this, the more inspired I got and I started taking small-steps forward, practising building my own mailing list and I realised, wow, I can do this.

In fact, *anyone* can do this.

We live in an age of the internet. We have access to millions of others all around the world, on social media and forums. In other words, it is possible to build relationships, build a community and, over time, sell to this community.

This is how bloggers make their money and, ultimately, how fiction writers can too.

As of today, I have made precisely £0 from my blogging or my fiction writing. (In fact, I've only made a few dollars and cents from a Medium article, and $30 for an article that recently featured on the Highly Sensitive Refuge blog).

It is my intention to make money from my fiction writing. I'll share my journey, what I'm doing, what inspiration/tips I'm acting on, and *how* I'm doing this, in real-time.

I'm also building a community for sensitive introverts (INFPs & INFJs), which I'll talk about from time-to-time, as the principles for building a blog around a topic are exactly the same around the principles for building a fiction writing business.

It's about cultivating an audience, over time, and selling your product - your fiction book(s) - to them.

And it is *totally* possible to do this in an authentic way, which doesn't feel snake-oil-salesmany or otherwise icky.

It's amazing what's possible. Hopefully, I'll make this dream become a reality and, whilst I do, I'll fill you in every step of the way.

On the blog I'll share:

- my writing progress, & tips on better writing
- how to build an email audience, as I have learned from various resources & others who've done it
- my thoughts & feelings, highs & lows, as I go through this process

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

You can find out more about me over here, and subscribe to my newsletter over here.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are whilst you are reading this, know this. In 2019, it is 100% possible to make an income as an independent author. That's what I am aiming for, and I hope you'll gain inspiration & tips that'll help you on your own writing journey, and maybe even decide to self-publish and make your very own income as an independent author.

Together, we can do this. It is 100% possible - others have done it, so there's no reason why we can't, too. :)

Thanks for being here,


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