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the indie interview #2: Taylaur Robertson

I'm delighted to bring you Indie Interview number #2, and introduce you to Taylaur Robertson. Taylaur was really fun to interview, and incredibly honest with her answers.I hope you enjoy hearing about her writing journey so far - from what she's written, what her process looks like, the lessons she's learned from self-publishing… and what she'd tell her younger self :)Over to Taylaur!

a few things about me

I've suddenly decided I don't just want to share how-to articles for other indies (see here), even if I'm very passionate about indies being able to make a living from their art. I'd rather express myself fully (or, as much as possible), and invite you, my reader, into my life a bit more.Hopefully these points that follow will allow you to do just that.

my 1st novel

Started writing: November 2018Finished writing: early 2019July 2019: editingTitle: What happened to Scott Andrews?About: Two best friends leave their small Minnesotan town to go on an adventure. Their trip takes them out of state for the first time, but takes a sinister turn. Offered a narrative from each of the boys, Scott and Marcus, the reader is left to decide what really happened to Scott Andrews in this psychological suspense.

Can I make money as an independent author?

I figured that was a good question to start this off with, to try and capture the essence of how I've gotten to this point and why, exactly, I decided to start this blog and document my journey to being an independent author making £ from his work.


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