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When you want to do anything but write…

I’ve always been someone who works in fits-and-starts. In bursts, sprints. I can be pretty all-or-nothing, and this comes with its downsides.

Getting writing done as a 'creative' person

Arguably, everyone is creative. When I use that word for the title of this piece, though, I'm talking about creative in the overactive, imaginative, free-running mind. This is a piece about settling down to write.

creative hat vs business hat

For those of us who hope to make an income from our writing, there are two hats we must become accustomed to wearing.

Can I make money as an independent author?

I figured that was a good question to start this off with, to try and capture the essence of how I've gotten to this point and why, exactly, I decided to start this blog and document my journey to being an independent author making £ from his work.